• Some Fighting Fantasy related puns based on an AFF character.

    Gerard Brice was the name of an Advanced Fighting Fantasy character I created years ago. His background was that he was an ex soldier of distinguished nobility but during a large battle he discovered a Headband Of Truth on a dead enemy. He retired from the warriors life and sought employment as a jester and his ability to detect liars soon won him favour, not  only as a jester but also advisor to a King. With his ability to easily juggle throwing knives and his backlog of jokes, he became known to locals as the Sharp Wit. Here are some of his jokes.

    The hydra is an expensive pet to keep. There's are so many overheads.
    I saw a Shapechanger in church today. I thought 'That must be a blessing in disguise'.
    I just saw a Wheelie lose consciousness. Don't worry he's slowly coming round.
    One good thing about Zanbar Bone, nothing gets under his skin.
    My wizard costume is incomplete. You just can't find the staff these days.
    I've been slowly torturing a Giant Centipede for 98 days. It's on  it's last legs now.
    I was in a joke contest with a Lizard Man the other day. He was a stand up chameleon.
    Did you hear about the Xoroa that lost his voice? He was a mute ant.
    I watched an Analander trying to cast the MUD spell backwards. I thought that's just Dum!
    I saw some Minotaurs dragging there knees on the ground. I thought, ' They must be grazing.'
    I met a fortune teller who could only predict good things. She was an opti-mystic.
    For those who have never fought an Air Elemental, don't worry it's a breeze.
    I usually go swimming with a Fire Demon, it helps let off steam.

    Play my very own short Fighting Fantasy adventure
    Lair Of The Lunatic.
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    More soon, Jam out!