• The year was 2012 and Jonathan Green began to formulate ideas and started working very hard indeed.
    7th September 2014 saw the first dedicated Fighting Fantasy Fest convention as arranged by Jonathan Green. It also sees the release of his much anticipated tome, You Are The Hero A History Of Fighting Fantasy. Having backed the funding of this book I am proud to boast my name will be featured within its pages along with many other fans.
    Here is a brief look at what was going on:

     Here I am with Ian Livingstone.

  • And here with Steve Jackson, who's Sorcery series are what got me in to Fighting Fantasy way back in 1988.

  • And here with Jonathan Green, who was a fan himself in his younger days and now and author of many Gamebooks.  The Fest was a fantastic experience with authors and illustrators alike as well as fans from all over the world. Everyone who took part did an amazing job, with special thanks to Mark Lain, Steven Leicester for getting me there and prepping me with a meal the night before…and to to James Aukett whom we met at the fest and has helped reboot my collection.



    It’s September 2017. For the second time, brave adventurers and traders from all over the world were summoned to Ealing, London to take part a new Fighting Fantasy Fest organised by FF author Jonathan Green. The promise this time was bigger and better than before. And was it? In a word, yes! The Demonic Three aka Steven Leicester, Mark Lain and myself met up in Chinatown the night before for a catch up, meal and to take part in an Escape Room game by Hinthunt which we had organised many months before.

    The Demonic Three assemble

The following morning with our heads still buzzing from the night before, we catch the tube train to Ealing and coincidentally rendezvous with FF illustrator Malcolm Barter whereby we journey together the rest of the way to The University Of West London where the event takes place. 


Jonathan Green is at the first display, signing away madly at You Are The Hero Part 2 copies that had only arrived hours before and he hurriedly dished them out to backers as they turned up. After he hands my copy and asks how fatherhood is treating me in reference to my baby, Cassia, a familiar face approaches. The former comissioner of Fighting Fantasy books charming Geraldine Cooke approaches and we greet each other going into conversation about how wonderfully strong the series has remained in the hearts of fans, old and new alike. She particularly liked my t-shirt emblazoned with red dice. Casually strolling towards us the co creator of Fighting Fantasy, Ian Livingstone joins in our chat clearly equally pleased Geraldine had shown up. I seized the opportunity to grab this picture.

Ian Livingstone and Geraldine Cooke

As the next hour or so continued I would visit the traders tables of Jamie Fry, James Schannep and Fox Yason Productions LTD, the latter of whom have produced an audio adventure set in Firetop Mountain. CLICK HERE for info. Nomad Games was also there promoting their new app Fighting Fantasy Legends. Nomad Games was also there promoting their new app Fighting Fantasy Legends. Also browsing was my hero Mr Liren Lin who had flown in all the way from the other side of the globe, and he took our photo after a nice catch up.

Liren Lin

Slowly more and more friends from the Facebook FF group gathered as the morning went by. 

Victor Cheng, Paul Scanlan and Colin Oaten

James Aukett and Rob Learner

And of course, more Fighting Fantasy production heroes! Steve Jackson

Charley Higson visits and announces he will write a Fighting Fantasy book, which would become Gates Of Death.

And of course, we mustn't forget the artists that brought these books to life.

Leo Hartas, Malcolm Barter, Pete Knifton

Alan Langford's head, stabilised by Paul Berry

The ineffable Tony Hough


Coming soon....fff3




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